Kristi Garrett » 7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies

Week of August 16th-20th
Monday, August 16th
Core Concepts Part 2 Citizenship and Economics
*Lesson 2.1 Foundations of Government
     Key Terms: government, constitution, limited government, unlimited government, tyranny
*Lesson 2.2 Political Systems
     Key Terms:  state, city-state, empire, democracy, nation-state, monarchy, authoritarian, communism 
Tuesday, August 17th
*Lesson 2.3 Political Structures
     Key Terms:  unitary system, federal system
*Lesson 2.4 Citizenship
     Key Terms:  citizen, civic life, civic participation, political party, interest group
Wednesday, August 18th
*Core Concepts Part 1 Key Terms Assessment
*Lesson 2.5 Economic Basics
     Key Terms:  economics, scarcity, opportunity cost, demand, supply, producer, consumer, incentive
Thursday, August 19th 
*Lesson 2.6 Economic Process
     Key Terms:  market, profit, revenue, specialization, competition, inflation, recession
*Lesson 2.7 Economic Systems
     Key Terms:  traditional economy, market economy, command economy, mixed economy 
Friday, August 20th 
*Lesson 2.8 Trade
     Key Terms:  trade, export, import, tariff, trade barrier, free trade
*Lesson 2.9 Money Management
     Key Terms:  budget, saving, interest. credit, investing, stock, bond 
Week of August 23rd-27th
Monday, August 23rd
*Benchmark Testing
Tuesday, August 24th 
*Lesson 2.8 Trade pgs. 34-35
     Key Terms:  trade, export, import, tariff
*Lesson 2.9 Money Management pgs.36-37
     Key Terms:  budget, interest, credit, stock
Wednesday, August 25th
Core Concepts Part 3 Culture
*Lesson 3.1 What Is Culture? pgs. 42-43
     Key Terms:  culture, cultural trait, norm, culture region. cultural landscape
*Lesson 3.2 Religion pgs. 44-45
     Key Terms:  religion, ethics
Thursday, August 26th
*Lesson 3.3 Cultural Diffusion and Change pgs. 46-47
     Key Terms:  cultural hearth, cultural diffusion, diversity
*Lesson 3.4 Science and Technology pgs. 48-49
     Key Terms:  science, irrigate, standard of living 
Friday, August 27th
*Core Concepts Part 2 Key Terms Assessment 
Week of August 30th - September 3rd 
Monday, August 30th 
*The Byzantine Empire*
***EQ:  What distinguishes one culture from another?***
-The Nika Riot:  Theodora's Great Victory pages 54-57
Tuesday, August 31st
*Section 1: Survival of the Eastern Empire
 pages 58-61
-Key Terms:  Byzantine, strait, moat, Greek fire 
Wednesday, September 1st 
*Core Concepts Part 3 Key Terms Assessment 
*Section 2: The Division of the Christian Church
 pages 62-65
-Key Terms:  creed, icon, iconoclast, pope, Great Schism 
Thursday, September 2nd 
*Section 3: Byzantine Civilization
 pages 66-69
-Key Terms:  Justinian's Code, missionary, Cyrillic alphabet
Friday, September 3rd 
*Chapter 1 Assessment 
Week of September 6th-10th 
Monday, September 6th 
Labor Day - No School
Tuesday, September 7th 
*Make-up missing assignments and tests 
Wednesday, September 8th 
*Chapter 1 Section 2:  The Division of the Christian Church continued
pages 62-65
*Christianity pages (SS Notebook)
Thursday, September 9th 
*Chapter 1 Section 3:  Byzantine Civilization 
pages 66-69
-Key Terms: Justinian's Code, missionary, Cyrillic alphabet 
*Daily Life in Constantinople Overview (SS notebook)
Friday, September 10th 
Chapter 1 Section 3: Byzantine Civilization continued (focusing on Justinian's Code)
*Justinian - Political achievements, Social Achievements, Architectural Achievements (SS notebook)
*Word Wise - Justinian's Code (SS notebook) 
Week of September 13th-17th 
Monday, September 13th 
*SOY Testing
Tuesday, September 14th 
Chapter 1 The Byzantine Empire Review
*Influential Leaders (SS notebook)
*Events Timeline (SS notebook)
Wednesday, September 15th
Chapter 1 The Byzantine Empire Review
*Daily Life in Constantinople Overview-Mese (SS notebook)
*Label Roman Empire Map (SS notebook)
Thursday, September 16th 
*G.R.A.P.E.S Byzantine Civilization (SS notebook)
*Begin Chapter 1 Study Guide
Friday, September 17th
*Finish Chapter 1 Study Guide
*IXL Lesson U 9
Week of September 20th-24th
Monday, September 20th
*Chapter 1 Test - The Byzantine Empire
*Complete IXL Lesson U 9
*IXL Lesson 8
Tuesday, September 21st
*Begin Chapter 3 - Early African Civilizations
-Mansa Musa: The Lion of Mali pages110-113
Wednesday, September 22nd
*Section 1 - A Trading Empire
pages 114-119
*Key Terms:  plateau, savanna, natural resources, labor specialization, trans-Saharan
Thursday, September 23rd
*Section 1 - A Trading Empire cont'd (focusing on The African Landscape)
pages 114-116 
*Word Wise in SS notebook
*West Africa: rainforests, deserts, savannas, and Mediterranean climates in SS notebook
*Nearpod - West African Climates
Friday, September 24th 
*Section 1 - A Trading Empire cont'd (focusing on Rise of Ghana and A Powerful Empire)
pages 116-119
*Ghana Empire in SS notebook
*Collapse of Ghana in SS notebook
Week of September 27th-October 1st
Monday, September 27th
*Section 2 - Muslim Empires of West Africa
pages 120-125
*Key Terms:  caravan, scholarship, griot
Tuesday, September 28th 
*Section 2 - Muslim Empires of West Africa (focusing on Rise of Mali and Mali at its Height)
pages 120-123
*Mali Empire in SS notebook
*Fall of Mali in SS notebook
Wednesday, September 29th 
*Section 2 - Muslim of West Africa (focusing on Rise of Songhai Empire and Legacy of Empires)
pages 123-125
*Songhai Empire in SS notebook
*The Fall of Songhai in SS notebook
Thursday, September 30th
*Section 2 - Muslim of West Africa cont'd
*Word Wise - Griot
Friday, October 1st
*Chapter 3 Section 1 & 2 Quiz
*Label Gao, Djenne, Timbuktu, Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean, Sahara, Niger River on West Africa Map in SS notebook
*IXL Lesson
W. African Empires
1. The Ghana Empire
Week of October 4th-8th
Monday, October 4th
*Begin The Legend of Sundiata
-Character comparisons from The Legend of Sundiata / Disney's The Lion King
Tuesday, October 5th
*The Legend of Sundiata continued 
-Discuss the similarities between The Legend of Sundiata and Disney's The Lion King
-Sequence the events of The Legend of Sundiata 
Wednesday, October 6th
*Movie:  The Lion King
Thursday, October 7th
*Movie:  The Lion King
Friday, October 8th 
School Safety Day
Week of October 18th-22nd
Monday, October 18th 
*Chapter 3 Section 3 - East African Civilizations 
pages 126-129
*Key Terms:  stele, Greco-Roman, monk dynasty, stonetown 
Tuesday, October 19th 
*Chapter 3 Section 4 - Society and Culture
pages 130-135
*Key Terms:  caste, kinship, lineage, ethnic group, oral tradition, proverb, polyrhythmic drumming 
Wednesday, October 20th 
*Chapter 3 Section 4 - Society and Culture continued
-Word Wise-Crossword Puzzle in SS notebook
-Take Notes-Society and Culture in SS notebook
Thursday, October 21st
*G.R.A.P.E.S activity in SS notebook
*Complete IXL Lessons
W. African Empires
1.The Ghana Empire 
2. Origins and Development of the Mali Empire
3. The Songhai Empire
Friday, October 22nd 
*Chapter 3 Section 3 & 4 Quiz
*Complete Chapter 3 Study Guide
Week of October 25th-29th 
Monday, October 25th
*Chapter 3 Test
*Begin Chapter 4 - China in the Middle Ages
-Kublai Khan:  How to Make an Impression
pages 138-141
Tuesday, October 26th
*Chapter 4 Section 1 - Tang and Song China
pages 142-149
*Key Terms:  bureaucracy, scholar-official, merit system, urbanization, money economy, porcelain
Wednesday, October 27th 
*Chapter 4 Section 1 - Tang and Song China continued 
-East Asia Map in SS notebook
-Practice Chapter 4 Section 1 Vocabulary in SS notebook
Thursday, October 28th 
*Nearpod - Tang and Song Dynasties
*Tang and Song Dynasties notes in SS notebook
Friday, October 29th
*Halloween Festivities 
Week of November 1st-5th
Monday, November 1st 
*Chapter 4 Section 4 - Chinese Society
-pages 160-167
*Key Terms:  compass, block printing, Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism 
Tuesday, November 2nd
*Gallopade - Reunification Leads to the Spread of Ideas
-Notes on handout in SS notebook 
Wednesday, November 3rd
*Gallopade - Reunification Leads to the Spread of Idea continued 
*Nearpod - Buddhism 
- Notes in SS notebook
Thursday, November 4th 
*Nearpod - Confucianism 
-Notes in SS notebook
*Begin Group Activity - Confucius Quote/Interpretation Poster 
Friday, November 5th
*Complete Group Activity - Confucius Quote/Interpretation Poster 
*IXL Assignment Lesson O,6
Week of November 8th-12th 
Monday, November 8th
*Chapter 4 Section 2 - The Mongol Empire
-pages 150-155
*Key Terms:  nomad, Mongol, steppe, khan 
Tuesday, November 9th 
*Finish Confucius Posters
*Complete IXL Lesson O.6
Wednesday, November 10th
*Nearpod - The Mongols
-Genghis Khan and the Mongols pages in SS notebook
Thursday, November 11th
*Veteran's Day - no school
Friday, November 12th
*Chapter 4 Section 3 - The Ming Dynasty 
-pages 156-159
*Key Terms:  despot, tribute, smuggler
Week of November 15th-19th 
Monday, November 15th
*Begin Chapter 4 China in the Middle Ages Open Book/Notes Test
*Begin Chapter 4 Vocabulary and East Asia Map Open Notebook Test
Tuesday, November 16th
*Finish Chapter 4 China in the Middle Ages, Vocabulary, and East Asia Map Open Book/Notes Tests
*Begin Chapter 5 - Japan Before Modern Times
-Murasaki Shikibu:  Life Behind the Screen
-pages 171-173
Wednesday, November 17th
*Chapter 5 Section 1 The Rise of Japan
-pages 174-179
*Key Terms: archipelago, mainland, clan, kami, regent
Thursday, November 18th
*Chapter 5 Section 2 The Rise of the Samurai
-pages 180-187
*Key Terms: figurehead, shogun, feudalism, daimyo, samurai, bushido 
Friday, November 19th
  • *Chapter 5 – Japan Before Modern Times ~ Murasaki Shikibu: Life Behind the Screen pages 170-173  
  • *Clever, IXL, 7th grade social studies, X, 2 Medieval Japan
Week of November 22nd-26th
Monday, November 22nd 
*Test corrections/Makeup Tests 
Tuesday, November 23rd 
*Thanksgiving Listening Passage
-Read "Sarah Josepha Hale" 
-Answer questions
-Design Pop Art Turkey based on answers 
Wednesday, November 24th
Thanksgiving Break - No School
Thursday, November 25th
Thanksgiving Break - No School 
Friday, November 26th
Thanksgiving Break - No School 
Week of November 29th-December 3rd 
Monday, November 29th 
*Begin Chapter 5 Section 3 Japanese Culture and Society
-pages 188-191
*Key Terms: Noh, Kabuki, consensus
Tuesday, November 30th
*Chapter 5 Section 3 Japanese Culture and Society continued
-pages 192-195
*Key Terms: Shinto, shrine, mantra
Wednesday, December 1st
*Japan Powerpoint
*Students take notes in SS notebook
Thursday, December 2nd
*Complete Chapter 5 Study Guide
Friday, December 3rd 
*Chapter 5 Test 
Week of December 6th-10th
Monday, December 6th
*Test Corrections/Makeup Tests
*Chapter 8 ~ Europe in the Middle Ages
-pages 248-249
*A New Civilization in Europe ~ Charlemagne and Leo: The Sword and the Crown
-pages 250-253 
Tuesday, December 7th
*Chapter 8 Section 1 Europe in the Early Middle Ages
-pages 254-256
*Key Terms:  Middle Ages, medieval, topography, clergy
Wednesday, December 8th
*Chapter 8 Section 1 Europe in the Early Middle Ages continued 
-pages 257-259
*Key Terms:  Middle Ages, medieval, topography, clergy
Thursday, December 9th
*Topic Overview Interactive Map - Europe 
*Label Map of Europe 
Friday, December 10th
Week of December 13th-17th 
Monday, December 13th
*Bowling World Field Trip
Tuesday, December 14th
*Christmas Around the World
Wednesday, December 15th
*Christmas Around the World Web Quest
Thursday, December 16th
*Christmas Party
Friday, December 17th 
*No School
Week of December 20th-24th 
*Christmas Break 
Week of December 27th-31st
*Christmas Break
Week of January 3rd-7th 
Monday, January 3rd
*No School 
Tuesday, January 4th
*No School - Snow Day 
Wednesday, January 5th
*Chapter 8 Section 2 The Spread of Christianity in Europe continued
-pages 263-265
*Key Terms: saint, sacrament, Christendom 
Thursday, January 5th
*No School - Snow Day 
Friday, January 7th 
*No School - Snow Day 
Week of January 10th-14th 
Monday, January 10th
*Chapter 8 Section 2 The Spread of Christianity in Europe continued
-pages 263-265
*Key Terms: saint, sacrament, Christendom 
Tuesday, January 11th
*Chapter 8 Section 3 The Development of European Feudalism
-pages 266-268
*Key Terms: vassal, fief, knight, chivalry
Wednesday, January 12th 
*Aimsweb Testing 
Thursday, January 13th
*Chapter 8 Section 3 The Development of European Feudalism continued
-pages 269-271
*Key Terms: manor, serf
Friday, January 14th 
*Chapter 8 Sections 1-3 Quiz
*IXL - Y1
Week of January 17-21
Monday, January 17th 
*No School - MLK Day
Tuesday, January 18th
*No School - Snow Day
Wednesday, January 19th
*No School - Snow Day
Thursday, January 20th
*No School - Snow Day
Friday, January 21st 
*No School - Snow Day
Week of January 24th-28th
Monday, January 24th
*Chapter 8 Key Terms Test
*Chapter 8 Sections 1-3 Quiz Corrections 
*Finish IXL Y.1.
Tuesday, January 25th
*Conflicts and Crusades ~ Henry II's Murderous Words
-Read/discuss pages 274-277
Wednesday, January 26th
*Chapter 9 Section 1 Popes and Rulers 
-pages 278-283
*Key Terms:  secular, excommunicate, pilgrimage 
*Questions 1-5
Thursday, January 27th
*Begin Chapter 9 Section 2 Kings, Nobles, and the Magna Carta
-pages 284-289
*Key Terms: Magna Carta, common law, habeas corpus, writ, parliament 
Friday, January 28th 
*Chapter 8 Key Terms Test Redo
*IXL Y.2-3 
Week of January 31st-February 4th 
Monday, January 31st
*Chapter 9 Section 2 Kings, Nobles, and the Magna Carta continued 
-pages 284-289
*Questions 1-5 
*Brainpop "Magna Carta" Video
Tuesday, February 1st
*Begin Chapter 9 Section 3 Religious Crusades
-pages 290-293
*Key Terms:  Crusades, heresy, Inquisition 
Wednesday, February 2nd
*Chapter 9 Section 3 Religious Crusades continued 
-pages 294-297
*Questions 1-5
*Add 4 pages in social studies notebook over Crudades
Thursday, February 3rd
*Chapter 9 Section 4 Christians and Muslims in Spain 
-pages 298-301
*Key Terms:   Iberian Peninsula, Moors, Reconquista
*Questions 1-5 
Friday, February 4th 
*No School - Snow Day
Week of February 7th-11th 
Monday, February 7th 
*Chapter 9 Sections 1-4 Quiz (Open Book)
*Finish assigned IXLs
Tuesday, February 8th
*Chapter 9 Sections 1-4 Quiz Corrections
*Chapter 9 Key Terms Test 
Wednesday, February 9th
*A Changing Medieval World - Joan of Arc:  Voices of Victory 
-read and discuss pages 304-307
*Begin Chapter 10 Section 1 Revival of Trade and Towns
-pages 308-309
*Key Terms:  crop rotation, fallow, three-field system, guild
Thursday, February 10th
*Chapter 10 Section 1 Revival of Trade and Towns continued 
-pages 310-313
-Questions 2-5
Friday, February 11th 
*Valentine's Day Party
Week of February 14th-18th 
Monday, February 14th
*Chapter 10 Section 2 An Age of Faith
-pages 314-316
*Key Terms:  mendicant order, university, natural law
Tuesday, February 15th 
*Chapter 10 Section 2 An Age of Faith continued 
-pages 317-319
*Key Terms:  mendicant order, university, natural law
Wednesday, February 16th
*Chapter 10 Section 3 Breakdown of Medieval Society
-pages 320-321
*Key Terms:  Hundred Years' War
*Gallopade - Hundred Years War Handout
Thursday, February 17th 
*Chapter 10 Section 3 Breakdown of Medieval Society continued
-pages 322-325
*Key Terms:  bubonic plague, Black Death, Peasants' Revolt 
Friday, February 18th 
*Brainpop videos - George Washington and Abraham Lincoln 
*President's Day Webquest 
Week of February 21st-25th 
Monday, February 21st
*No School - President's Day
Tuesday, February 22nd
*Black Death videos 
*Black Death Powerpoint
*Black Death handout in social studies notebook
Wednesday, February 23rd
*Chapter 10 Sections 1-3 Open Book Quiz
*Begin Black Death Webquest 
Thursday, February 24th
*Chapter 10 Sections 1-3 Quiz corrections 
*Black Death Webquest continued
Friday, February 25th 
*Chapter 10 Key Terms BINGO
*Chapter 10 Key Terms Test 
*Begin The Black Death vs COVID-19 Assignment 
Week of February 28th-March 4th 
Monday, February 28th
*The Renaissance - "So Many Things Unknown" 
-read and discuss pages 334-337
*Begin Chapter 11 Section 1 The Origins of the Renaissance 
-pages 338-339
*Key Terms:  mercantile, Renaissance, patron
Tuesday, March 1st
*Chapter 11 Section 1 The Origins of the Renaissance continued
-pages 340-341
*Begin Chapter 11 Section 2 New Ways of Viewing the World 
-pages 342-344
*Key Terms:  humanism, secularism, vernacular, individualism
Wednesday, March 2nd
*Dr. Seuss Day Videos
*Chapter 11 Section 2 New Ways of Viewing the World continued 
*pages 345-347
Thursday, March 3rd
*Chapter 11 Section 3 The Spread of New Ideas 
-pages 348-353
*Key Terms: utopia, satire, engraving, censor
Friday, March 4th 
-Z Early Modern Europe
-1 Renaissance Origins
*Make-up Work and Corrections 
Week of March 7th-11th 
Monday, March 7th
*Begin Chapter 11 Section 4 The Legacy of the Renaissance (selected sections)
-page 354-357
~Renaissance Architecture - An Ancient Legacy
~Renaissance Art - Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo
*The Renaissance Powerpoint with guided notetaking 
*Stations 1-4
*Begin Art Show Reporter's Notebook
Tuesday, March 8th
-Stations 1-4
-Work on Art Show Reporter's Notebook
-Begin designing front page of the school's newspaper 
Wednesday, Mach 9th
*Chapter 11 Section 4 The Legacy of the Renaissance continued 
-pages 357-359
-Work on designing front page of the school's newspaper 
Thursday, March 10th
*Chapter 11 Sections 1-4 Open Book Quiz
*Work on designing front page of the school's newspaper
Friday, March 11th 
-2 and 3
*Complete the front page of the school's newspaper
Week of March 14th-18th 
Spring Break 
Week of March 21st-25th
Monday, March 21st
*SchoolNet Assessment 
Tuesday, March 22nd
*Chapter 11 Sections 1-4 Quiz corrections
*Review Chapter 11 Section 5 The Scientific Revolution 
*Chapter 11 Section 6 The Enlightenment 
-pages 366-371
*Key Terms: natural rights, separation of powers, social contract, tolerance, feminism 
Wednesday, March 23rd
*Chapter 11 Sections 5-6 Open Book Quiz
*Chapter 11 Sections 5-6 Key Terms Test 
Thursday, March 24th
*Chapter 11 Sections 5-6 Quiz corrections
*Begin Chapter 12 The Reformation 
-read and discuss Kidnapped! pages 374-377
*Begin Chapter 12 Section 1 The Origins of the Reformation 
-pages 378-383 
*Key Terms:  Reformation, indulgence, recant, sect, predestination, theocracy 
Friday, March 25th 
*Chapter 12 Section 1 The Origins of the Reformation continued   
-pages 378-383
*IXL - Z: 3.5-5
Week of March 28th-April 1st
Monday, March 28th
*Chapter 12 Section 2 The Counter-Reformation 
-pages 384-387
*Key Terms:  Counter-Reformation, Jesuits, Council of Trent, ghetto 
Tuesday, March 29th
*Chapter 12 Section 3 The Reformation Divides Europe
-pages 388-393
*Key Terms:  annulment, Act of Supremacy, Huguenots, edict, armada, federalism 
Wednesday, March 30th 
*Chapter 12 Sections 1-3 Open Book Quiz
*Chapter 12 Key Terms Quiz
*IXL - Z: Bulleted Item New! The Scientific Revolution, 4, and 5 
Thursday, March 31st
*Chapter 12 Sections 1-3 Quiz corrections
*The Age of Exploration - "Journey Into Dark Waters" 
-read and discuss pages 397-399
*Chapter 13 Section 1 The Voyages of Discovery key terms:  missionary, circumnavigate, cartography, caravel 
Friday, April 1st 
*Brainpop - Christopher Columbus 
*Begin Chapter 13 Section 1 The Voyages of Discovery 
-read/discuss pages 400-407
Week of April 4th-8th 
Monday, April 4th
*Chapter 13 Section 1 The Voyages of Discovery continued 
-read/discuss pages 400-407
-do numbers 2-8 on page 407 (in social studies notebook)
Tuesday, April 5th
*Chapter 13 Section 2 The Conquest of the Americas 
-read/discuss pages 408-413
*Key Terms:  conquistador, colonization, bullion, quipu, immunity
-do numbers 2-8 on page 413 (in social studies notebook)
Wednesday, April 6th
*Chapter 13 Section 3 The Growth of Trade 
-read/discuss pages 414-421
*Key Terms:  Columbian Exchange, mercantilism, capitalism, inflation, cottage industry, traditional economy, market economy 
-do numbers 2-7 on page 421 (in social studies notebook)
Thursday, April 7th
*Chapter 13 Sections 1-3 Open Book Quiz
*Chapter 13 Key Terms Quiz
Friday, April 8th 
*Chapter 13 Sections 1-3 Quiz corrections 
*Begin Chapter 7 Early North and South America
-read and discuss "The Incan Ice Maiden:  Frozen for Five Hundred Years pages 225-227
Week of April 11th-15th 
Monday, April 11th
*Chapter 7 Section 1 The Incas
-read/discuss pages 228-233
*Key Terms:  Andes, terrace, quipu, hierarchy, ayllu, mita system 
Tuesday, April 12th
*Chapter 7 Section 2 North American Cultures
-read/discuss pages 234-241
*Key Terms:  artifact, drought, wigwam, longhouse, tepee, igloo, potlatch 
Wednesday, April 13th
*Chapter 7 Sections 1-2 Open Book Quiz/Key Terms 
*Brainpop videos:  Inca Civilizations, Conquistadors, Native American Traditions 
Thursday, April 14th
*Chapter 7 Section 1-2 Quiz Corrections
*IXL-AA:2 Foundations of Inca Civilization
*IXL-BB:1 The Age of Exploration: origins 
Friday, April 15th
*No School - Good Friday
Week of April 18th-22nd 
Monday, April 18th 
*TCAP Testing - ELA
Tuesday, April 19th 
*TCAP Testing - ELA
Wednesday, April 20th 
*TCAP Testing - ELA
Thursday, April 21st
*Chapter 6 Section 1 The Maya
-pages 208-215
*Key Terms:  obsidian, slash-and-burn agriculture, quetzal, drought, hieroglyphic, observatory 
Friday, April 22nd 
*Chapter 6 Section 2 The Aztecs
-pages 216-221
*Key Terms: basin, chinampa, dike, absolute monarchy, aqueduct 
Week of April 25th-29th 
Monday, April 25th
*TCAP Testing - Math
Tuesday, April 26th 
*TCAP Testing - Science
Wednesday, April 27th
*TCAP Testing - Social Studies
Thursday, April 28th
*Chapter 6 Sections 1-2 Open Book Quiz
*Chapter 6 Key Terms Quiz
Friday, April 29th 
*IXLs: Z-The Scientific Revolution, Z4, Z5, AA2, BB1, AA1, AA3
Week of May 2nd-6th
Monday, May 2nd
*Chapter 6 Sections 1-2 Quiz corrections
*IXLs: AA1, AA3
Tuesday, May 3rd
*No School - Election Day
Wednesday, May 4th
*AIMSWEB Testing 
Thursday, May 5th
*CInco de Mayo video
*CInco de Mayo word search
*Begin Cinco de Mayo Webquest 
Friday, May 6th 
*Finish Cinco de Mayo Webquest
*Work on assigned IXLs
Week of May 9th-13th 
Monday, May 9th
*Work on assigned IXLs
Tuesday, May 10th
*1st World Map Quiz 
*Label/color World Map 
*World Map Questions 
*Work on assigned IXLs
Wednesday, May 11th
*Work on assigned IXLs
Thursday, May 12th
*Reward Day
Friday, May 13th 
*Chuckles Field Trip
Week of May 16th-20th 
Monday, May 16th
*5th-8th Field Day 
* "The Sahara" Handout - read and answer questions
* "The Panama Canal" Handout - read and answer questions
* "The Great Wall of China" Handout - read and answer questions 
Tuesday, May 17th
*2nd World Map Quiz 
*Complete handouts from Monday 
Wednesday, May 18th
* Begin working on Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics 
Thursday, May 19th
*7th grade outside day 
Friday, May 20th 
*Finish working on Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics
Daily Schedule
7:45-8:50 - 1st Period
8:50-9:55 - 2nd Period
9:55-10:40 - RTI
10:40-11:45 - 3rd Period
11:45-12:15 - Lunch
12:15-12:55 - 4th Period
12:55-1:40 - Encore
1:40-2:05 - 4th Period
2:05-2:25 - Recess
2:25-2:40 - Homeroom