8th Grade ELA

Week of 2/10/20
We are going to finish Frankenstein Tuesday.  We will start Romeo and Juliet Thursday.  Study Island assignment due Friday morning. 
Amplify- All lesson 1-14 completed along with the assessment
Study Island- Context clues x 2
Week of 2/18/20
We are going to continue with Romeo and Juliet. 
We are going to complete the following lessons this week: 8D Sub 1 lesson 2 and 3,
memorizing  lines 1-8 due 2/24/20; Study Island- inferences
Week of 2/24/20
This week we will complete lessons 3-6 in Amplify for Romeo and Juliet.
The students will need to memorize the entire prologue, it is due Monday, March 2. 
Week of 3/2/20
We are going to pick up where we left off Wednesday. We will continue to read Romeo and Juliet this week.
Lessons 8-12 in Amplify
Week of 3/9/20
We are going to finish up Romeo and Juliet this week. We will take the open book test on Wednesday. Extra Credit is due tomorrow 3/10/20.
Week of 3/23/20
This week you will need to complete 25 vocabulary words on Amplify. There is also an assignment on Study Island -Textual Evidence. I have posted a discussion question on Schoology, and each student will need to post to the discussion question weekly. For those of you that have left your chrome books at school, they are ready for you to pick up. I think Mr. Smith will be sending out some information on a time to pick them up. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have.
I know this is a crazy time for us all and we need to make sure we stay healthy and safe.  This new teaching process will be new to both of us but I think that once we start we will find our groove and it will be fine. Please keep in touch with me as much as possible. This is a time that will go down in our history books! 
Here are instructions for the online class. We will have our first meet @1. All student are asked to join if they can. All four teachers will be present as well. It is very easy, just follow directions below.
1. Go to Clever Portal
2. Click on Microsoft Teams ( if you do not have Microsoft teams then click on Office 365 then from there click on Microsoft teams) 
3. On the left hand side of your screen you should see teams- click on it
4. Now you should see all the classes you are apart of. Find my homeroom. From there you should see a join button (the join button might now show till it is time for the meeting to start, be patient.
5. Once you click on join meeting you are there. If you choose not to show your face that is perfectly fine, you can move your mouse to the center of the screen and an icon with a camera will pop up (move mouse lower if it doesn't). Click on the camera icon and it will turn off. If you can see yourself..WE CAN TOO! 
Week of 3/30/20-4/3/20
25 Vocabulary words in Amplify
Study Island- Figurative Language
                       Connotation and Denotation
Remember our online session is Wednesdays at 1:00
We are going to start a book study. We are going to read "Where the Red Fern Grows". I have created a folder in schoology that has the book already downloaded for you. We are going to break it up into five chapters a week. There will be questions on quizzes for you to complete and a discussion post on schoology, which will be due each Friday.  We have to hear from each you at least once a week, the discussion question would be a perfect way to talk to me. Please feel free to email me too. 
Week of 4/6/20-4/10/20
25 Vocabulary words in Amplify
Study Island- Context Clues
Remember our online session is Wednesdays at 1:00
We will continue with "Where the Red Fern Grows". This week I want you to read Chapters 6-10 and work in the Schoology folder to complete the questions that goes with them. Hope all is well with everyone. Email me with any concern you have.