7th grade Science

Week of May 2-6
Monday: Dream vacation project
Tuesday: No School
Wednesday: Aimsweb testing, Dream vacation project
Thursday: Dream vacation project
Friday: Forensics lesson
Week of April 18-29
TCAP and review
Week of April 11-14
Monday: finish poster project on human impact
Tuesday: present posters and begin test review
Wednesday: independent test review/digital lesson
Thursday: TCAP test review
Friday: no school
Week of April 4-8
Monday: balancing chemical equations
Tuesday: Review chemistry/get ready for test
Wednesday: test
Thursday: human impact on the atmosphere
Friday: human impact on the atmosphere
Week of March 28-April 1
Monday: Intro to Atoms: protons, neutrons, and electrons
Tuesday: Review of atoms and how to read the periodic table
Wednesday: using the periodic table to create Bohr diagrams and interpret information
Thursday: Finish up review, edPuzzle, intro to chemical equations
Friday: Balancing chemical equations
Week of March 21-25
Monday: Schoolnet testing
Tuesday: Phases/states of matter, changes of state guided notes, finish up/review work from friday before break
Wednesday: review chages of state, ed puzzle video and questions, intro to physical and chemical changes
Thursday: review matter and phases of matter, intro to atoms and atomic structure
Friday: atomic structure practice/protons, neutrons, and electrons
Week of March 7-11
Monday: Matter and pure substances and mixtures intro, finish digital lesson, Unit 1 Lesson 4
Tuesday: Pure Substances and mixtures, elements and compounds, how to identify them Unit 1 Lesson 4
Wednesday: Unit 1 Lesson 5 States of Matter
Thursday: Unit 1 Lesson 5 States of Matter/intro to lesson 6 Changes of State
Friday: Unit 1 Lesson 6 Changes of State
Week of February 28-March 4
Monday: Unit 6 review and game
Tuesday: Unit 6 test
Wednesday: test corrections/make up work/Unit 1 intro
Thursday: Introduction to Chemistry, unit 1
Friday: Unit 1, Matter
Week of February 21-25
Monday: No school, Presidents day
Tuesday: Nervous system intro/review
Wednesday: Nervous system activity, guided notes, and labeling
Thursday: finish up nervous system/review
Friday: begin study guide for a test
Week of February 14-18
Monday: heart diagram, review for quiz, intro to digestive system
Tuesday: fquiz over circulatory/respiratory system, finish digestive system
Wednesday: Intro to nervous system, label nervous system diagram
Thursday: function and parts of nervous system, activity
Friday: relating nervous system and homeostasis
Week of February 7-11
Monday: Unit 6 Lesson 3 digital lesson
Tuesday: Crash Course biology video guide
Wednesday: Check Monday and Tuesday assignments and add to notebook
Thursday: Digestive system quick overview
Friday: Valentine Party/abbreviated classes/finish digestive system
Week of January 31-February 4
Monday: finish skeleton project, intro to circulatory and respiratory system
Tuesday: muscular/skeletal quiz, circulatory/respiratory, health issues, diagrams
Wednesday: respiratory system guided notes and jump rope activity
Thursday: guided note taker on circulatory system, digital lesson on circulatory and respiratory system
Friday: Crash Course biology video on circ and resp systems.
Week of January 24-28
Monday: homeostasis and effects on body systems/review
Tuesday: muscular system intro, diagram, and types of muscles
Wednesday: skeletal system, protective bones, ligaments, joints, cartilage 
Thursday: review of skeletal system, crazy bones project
Friday: crazy bones project
Week of January 17-21
MLK day and snow, no school all week
Week of January 10-14
Monday: present powerpoints, intro to unit 6: body systems (2 hour delay day)
Tuesday: intro to body systems, relate back to homeostasis and how our body systems work together
Wednesday: homeostasis continuation, intro to muscular skeletal system
Thursday:  Intro to unit 6 lesson 1, skeletal/muscular system label and exercise
Friday: review types of muscles and voluntary and involuntary movements
Week of January 3-7
Monday-no school
Tuesday-snow day
Wednesday- finish up powerpoint on genetic disorders, work on iXL genetics review
Thursday- present powerpoints, intro to unit 6: body systems
Friday-intro to body systems, relate back to homeostasis and how our body systems work together
Week of December 6-10
Monday: Zork Genetics
Tuesday: pedigrees and genetic mutations 
Wednesday: Genetic disorder/test research/finish up notes
Thursday: genetics disorder test
Friday: disorder test
Week of November 29-December 3
Monday: Intro to Heredity/Gregor Mendel
Tuesday: Terminology practice and notes for genetics
Wednesday: Coin toss activity/Heredity practice
Thursday: Punnett Squares and Pedigrees
Friday: Zork Genetics activity
Week of November 22-26
Monday: animal adaptations follow up, camouflage activity
Tuesday: Thanksgiving service project
Wednesday-Friday: No School-Thanksgiving Break!
Have a great break!
Week of November 15-19
Monday: finish up review stations and meiosis video
Tuesday: review final ideas with meiosis, differences in types of reproduction
Wednesday: Unit 5, Lesson 1-3 study guide and review
Thursday: Unit 5, Lesson 1-3 test
Friday: test corrections/intro to animal adaptations
Week of November 8-12
Monday: introduce meiosis, video, interactive reading
Tuesday: review meiosis, guided notes
Wednesday: meisos kahoot, review, lesson review questions
Thursday: No school
Friday: Mitosis/Meisos learning stations 
Week of November 1-5
Monday: Review mitosis, Kahoot, answer questions from packet/finish digital lesson
Tuesday: Mitosis notebook activity, video review guide
Wednesday: Mitosis learning stations
Thursday: Mitosis learning stations, review
Friday: Introduction to Meiosis
Week of October 25-29
Monday: Carbon/Oxygen cycle review, lesson 2 review and quiz.
Tuesday: Introduction to unit 5, lesson 1: Mitosis. Reading packet
Wednesday: Review reading packet, continue understanding on Mitosis
Thursday: video review and digital lesson over Unit 5, Lesson 1. 
Friday: Halloween party/festivities 
Week of October 18-22
Monday: review/finish up work from before fall break
Tuesday: compare and contrast photosynthesis and cellular respiration/Kahoot
Wednesday: intro to cycles of energy/energy flow
Thursday: energy flow stations/rotations
Friday: finish stations/review
Week of October 4-8
Monday: finish readworks article and begin digital lesson
Tuesday: intro to cell respiration, notes, and video guide
Wednesday: Cell respiration lab
Thursday: finish digital lesson, add notebook pages, and compare photosynthesis/cell resp.
Friday: School Safety Day
Week of September 27-Oct. 1
Monday: Unit 3 Test
Tuesday: Test Corrections
Wednesday: TCAP practice questions, Unit 4, Lesson 1 introduction to photosynthesis and cell respiration
Thursday: Photosynthesis and cellular respiration video guides, "Brain Dump"
Friday: review photosynthesis, add to notebook, article activity.
Week of September 20-24
Monday: Homeostasis heart rate activity
Tuesday: Homeostasis video project and lesson 6 review 
Wednesday: Poster review project/ "Brain Dump"
Thursday: Poster review project/ "Brain Dump"
Friday: Unit 3 study guide
Week of September 13-17
Monday: Schoolnet start of the year assessment
Tuesday: classification of living things
Wednesday: levels of cellular organization
Thursday: levels of cellular organization review
Friday: Homeostasis introduction
Week of September 6-10
Monday: No school 
Tuesday: finish organelle research project, add to notebook, quiz makeups
Wednesday: classifying living things/interactive reading
Thursday: classifying living things organizer
Friday: Homeostasis introduction/scavenger hunt
Week of August 30-Sept 3
Monday: Finish digital lesson, lesson review
Tuesday: Cell color by number and review
Wednesday: cell color by number, lesson 1 and 3 quiz (study guide linked in schoology)
Thursday: Organelle research project
Friday: finish up research, IXL review, add to notebook
Week of August 23-27
Monday: Aimsweb testing
Tuesday: Finish up review on Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, introduce unit 3, lesson 3
Wednesday: Unit 3, lesson 3: Organelles in plant and animal cells
Thursday: Organelle review/compare and contrast
Friday: Unit 3, Lesson 3 digital lesson/review
Week of August 16-20
Monday: online textbook scavenger hunt
Tuesday: review cell theory and look at characteristics of cells 
Wednesday: characteristics of cells and organelles
Thursday: review organelles and look at prokaryotic/eukaryotic cells, book review
Friday: Unit 3, lesson 1 digital lesson 
Sarah Sullivan
7th Science/Social Studies
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