7th grade Science and Social Studies

Students: For the week of April 6-10 you will complete the activities attached, documenting as you go in the form of a Google slides. I want to see pictures of your results, you completing the activities, typing out the results and answers, etc. Whatever else you want to add. You will only create one slides for all of the activities. You do not have to do them in order as some of them are outside, so choose or save the pretty days for those! If you do not have access to a phone with a camera, still complete a slides just type out the results instead. I will email you the documents, they are also posted at the bottom of the website. 
To get the pics from your phone to your slides: email the pictures to yourself then save them to the computer.
Once you finish the slides, share it to me. sarahsullivan@overtoncountyschools.net
I will be going over this in more detail in our conference call through Teams on Monday at 2, please join if you can or reach out if you have any questions.  
Week of April 6-10:  STEM aluminum boat activity, transpiration activity and outdoor scavenger hunt.
Monday March 30: Study Island Science lesson Cell Division
Wednesday April 1: Study Island Science lesson Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis
Wednesday March 25: Complete the assigned Study Island lesson, Cell Structure and Function. Read the lessons and use to help guide your answers. 
Friday March 27: Complete the assigned Study Island lesson, Types of Cells. Read the lessons and use to help guide your answers. 
Week of April 6-10: Chinese Writing and Mongols informative questions
Tuesday March 31: Study Island Social Studies West Africa
Thursday April 2: Study Island Social Studies Japan
Friday April 3: Women's Suffrage Lesson 8 in Schoology. Check the Women's Suffrage folder in the SS course and answer the questions. It is set up like a quiz, but is not a quiz grade.
Thursday March 26: Complete assigned Study Island assignment, Byzantine. Read and use the lesson to help guide your answers. 
Students: Please check your email daily and be on the lookout for reminds through the Remind app or on Microsoft Teams.