Class News

March 24
*Each week you will have assigned readings in your mailbox. For this week, read your free choice book and email me at least 2 characters from the story.
GetEpic Login Instruction:
2. Click login and go to students and educators
3.Enter class code: hsc4241
4.Click on your assigned number (Will be sent in email).
5.Go to your mailbox for weekly assigned readings. You also need to read one book of your choice each week. 
Moby Max Login Instructions:
2.Click the as a student tab and enter your school: livingston middle school
3.You will have assignments in each subject for each week we are out. 
Weekly Life Skill: Hand Washing
-Please practice good hand washing skills everyday this week to help further prevent the spread of the COVID-19.
March 30-April 3
 -Open the document OT activities at home. Complete the activity labeled "What's Your Name". 
-Some of you had trouble logging into getepic last week. Everyone should be able to login. If you did not get to login last week complete the assignments for last week. If you did log in last week pick a book for free choice reading. 
-Log into Moby Max for your math and reading assignments for the week. 
*Please email me if you have any questions,
April 6-10
*You should be receiving a letter from me this week that will help you complete your assignments. 

Watch Brainpopjr video over Plants. Check out the activity page, it will help you complete the assignment that goes with the letter I am sending. 
GetEpic- Listen to the story How do Plants Grow? and take the quiz. Pick one book for free read. 
Moby Max- You will have a lesson in reading, math and science. Everyone should be practicing sight words every week. 
Life Skill of the Week: Leisure and Recreational Skills- Gardening. You will receive more information on how to complete your life skill task once your letter arrives. Please send me pictures of your plants progress. 
OT: Complete at least two of the activities in the document from last weeks OT packet, it is titled "Non Screen Activities".
Email me if you have any questions about this weeks assignments or if I can do anything to help you with your assignments. 
April 13-17
ELA- see attached Reading Bingo sheet, complete one activity each day. 
Math- Moby Max Assignments
Science- Brainpopjr video- Parts of a Plant and Moby Max lesson.
GetEpic- Pick a book for free read 
Continue to document the growth of your flowers! Email me if you have any questions about this weeks assignments. 
April 20-25
ELA-GetEpic Book over Ancient Egypt and one Free Read choice. Practice sight words on Moby Max
Math- Moby Max: Practice your fact fluency this week!
Social Studies-Brainpop jr Ancient Egypt Video
Science- Moby Max activites and Brainpopjr Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle video. 
*See how many things at your house you can recycle. 
* Complete 3 activities from the OT attachment, page 5.
*Continue charting plant growth. 
April 27- May 1
ELA- 1. Brainpopjr on Compound words- complete quiz and activity 
         2. Use 5 compound words in a verbal or written sentence.
         3. Moby Max Sight Words
         4. Choose a book for free read on GetEpic. 
Math- Watch brainpopjr on calendar and complete Moby Max math assignments on calendar skills. 
Science- Watch brainpop jr heart video and complete assignment that goes with it. 
OT- Complete OT Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunts. 
May 4- May 8
ELA- Spring Writing Activity (Attachment below, page 3) 
         Email your sentences to me. 
         Choose a book for free read on GetEpic. 
Math- Check Moby Max for individual assignments.
          Brainpopjr Time video (Hour and Half hour)
Science- Spring Scavenger Hunt (Attachment Below)
Social Studies- GetEpic Memorial Day Assignment. 
May 11
1. Pick at least one book on GetEpic to free read.
2. GetEPic- Are you ready for summer?
3. After reading Are you ready for summer?, Email me and tell me two things you want to do this summer.
4. Practice reading skills of your choice on or for at least twenty minutes.
1. Practice counting by 10s.
2. Moby Max assignments
3. Practice math skills of your choice on
1. Brainpop JR- Summer Video
2. In an email, let me know if your flowers bloomed. I would love to see pictures if you can send them. 
Practice Life Skills: Brushing teeth and washing hands.
I miss you and hope you have a wonderful summer! I can't wait to see you all back in the classroom.