8th Grade Science

Assignment for April 6-April 10 : Study Island, Lesson 2 D
Assignment for March 30 - April 3:  Study Island, Lessons 2 B and C
Please email or text if you have any questions.
Mr. Mosley
Assignment for March 25 - 27:  Study Island, Lesson 2 C
8th grade students (aka boneheads),

I hope everyone is well and healthy and not sleeping until noon everyday.  I will be posting Study Island assignments here weekly.  All of this is review with very little unfamiliar stuff.  We will video conference with y’all weekly through the Teams app. We can answer any questions you may have then.  You can always email any of us if we are needed, or you can text 510-1426.  Please don’t call or FaceTime, because I won’t answer either.  If you need to text, we will have a record of it.  Stay safe and continue to pray for those that are sick.

Mr. Mosley