5th Grade Math

Week of 4-6-20. STUDY ISLAND (log in through Clever)
This week, students will work on adding and subtracting fractions on a 4th grade level for review.  I want students to do the lesson before attempting the quizzes.  Assignments will become available Monday morning and are not due until Sunday night by midnight.  
This week we will be using Study Island.  Be sure to log into Study Island through Clever.
3-30-20 Monday:  Comparing Decimals
3-31-20 Tuesday:  Rounding Decimals
4-1-20 Wednesday:  Multiply Whole Numbers
4-2-20 Thursday:  Divide Whole Numbers
4-3-20 Friday:  Add and Subtract Whole Numbers
Over the next several weeks, we will be using Study Island as our main source of instruction.  All assignments will be due no later than Sunday night before midnight.  Please check Schoology and Microsoft Teams for any updates.  I want you to try for a passing grade.  If you don't pass, please refer to the lesson for assistance.  There should be a helpful Khan Academy video at the end.  If you have any questions, please email me or send me a message on Teams or Schoology.
3-25-20. Wednesday:  Order of Operations
3-26-20. Thursday:  Powers of Ten
3-27-20. Friday:  Representations of Decimals
Please be sure to check you emails daily for updates.  

On Wednesdays, I will meet with students on Microsoft Teams.  Below are the times I will meet with each class:
McCormick's homeroom:
Flowers' homeroom:
Rooker's homeroom:  
We will discuss the weekly assignments and I will answer any questions they may have.