8th Grade Math

May 16th - 20th

Monday - Track and Field
Tuesday - Math activities
Wednesday - Outside day
Thursday - Practice Graduation
Friday - Graduation

May 9th-13th

Monday - Dollywood Trip
Tuesday - Computer work
Wednesday - Turn in Computers
Thursday - Reward Day
Friday - Computer Check

May 2nd - 6th

Monday - Review
Tuesday - NO School
Wednesday - Facing Math
Thursday - Math handouts
Friday - Math handouts

April 25th - 29th

Monday - TN Ready - Math (Part 1, 2, & 3)
Tuesday - TN Ready - Science
Wednesday - TN Ready Social Studies
Thursday - Make-up
Friday - Make-up

April 18th - 22nd

Monday - TN Ready - ELA part 1 (85 minutes)
Tuesday - TN Ready - ELA part 1 & 2
Wednesday - TN Ready - ELA Part 3
Thursday - Make-UP 
Friday - Make-Up

April 11th-15th

Monday- Review Topic 1-2 Benchmark
Tuesday - Review Benchmark
Wednesday- Review Benchmark
Thursday - Review 
Friday - No School - Good Friday!!

April 4th - 8th

Monday - Spiral Review Q1:3
Tuesday - Topic 7 Review with IXL P.4 & T.4 review
Wednesday - TN Ready Review packet (School net)
Thursday - Mr. Roger Smith will review Functions and Statistics  (TTU Math Contest)
Friday - TN Ready Review packet (school net)

March 28th - April 1st

Monday - High School Guidance teachers will be talking with 8th grade and completing next year schedules for high school. 
-Weekly Math review sheet and redo formula quiz
IXL U48 and V99
Tuesday - Topic 6 review
Wednesday - Mid-Topic Review
Thursday - End of chapter Review
Friday - Topic 6 review Test


March 21st - 25th 

Monday Taking the School Net assignments
Tuesday - Pearson Topic 8
Wednesday - Review Topic 8
Thursday - Discuss work and go over Review assignment.. 
Friday - TEST over Topic 8

March 7th-11th

Monday - Mid-Topic 8 Review Workbook pg. 445 and time to work on missing work in IXL and Pearson
Tuesday - IXL V.4 and Mid-Topic Test
Wednesday - Pearson Lesson 8-4; IXL 
Thursday - Pearson Lesson 8-5
Friday - 8th grade county wide Trip to TCAT and Vol State Community College

February 28th - March 4th

Monday - Reviewed Similar Figures - IXL (PWN) and Pearson Assignment
Tuesday - Surface Area of 3 dimensional figures
Wednesday - Surface Area practice IXL (UY6) Cylinder; (QSE) Cone; (NJW) Sphere
Thursday - Pearson 8-1 Surface Area XL and Quiz
Friday - Volume of Cylinders IXL V.10

February 21st-25th

Monday - No School
Tuesday - Mr. Smith - Distance on a Coordinate plane
Wednesday - Weekly Math review; IXL P.4; Pearson 6-6
Thursday - Pearson 6-6; IXL
Friday - Pearson 6-7; IXL

February 14th-18th

Monday- Mr. Smith will be here doing a review and introducing the Pythagorean Theorem
Tuesday- (Sub) IXL Lessons T.1 and T.2
Wednesday - Pearson Lesson 6-4 Transformations Math XL and Lesson Quiz
Thursday - Pearson Lesson 6-5 Congruent Figures
Friday - Mid Topic Checkpoint

January 31st-February 4th

Monday - IXL CC.10 and Review
Tuesday - Topic 5 Test
Wednesday - New Computer set up for each class
Thursday - Topic 6-1    IXL R.1, R.2, R.3, and R.4 (These are quick to answer and most students finish the R.1 and R.2 in less than 5 minutes.)
Friday - Topic 6-1 and 6-2 

January 24th-28th

Monday - Mr. Roger Smith (sub) System of Equations topic 5 Lesson 3
Tuesday - Topic 5 lesson 3 Pearson assignment
Wednesday - IXL CC.8 (Topic 5-3)
Thursday - Topic 5 Lesson 4 Pearson Assignment
Friday - Topic 5 Lesson 4 Pearson Assignment

January 10th - 14th

Monday - IXL AA.12 Changing Linear equations to slope intercept form
Tuesday - Pearson Topic 5 Lesson 2
Wednesday - Review/Quiz
Thursday -IXL CC.1
Friday - IXL CC.2

January 4th-7th 

Monday and Tuesday - No School
Wednesday - Topic 5 Lesson 1; Pearson Math XL
Thursday and Friday - No School

December 13th-17th

Monday - Pearson 4-5
Tuesday - Review Topic 4
Wednesday - Test over Topic 4
Thursday - Christmas Party 
Friday - No Students - Begin Christmas Break!

December 6th-10th

Monday - Pearson Topic 4 Lesson 3
Tuesday - Field Trip - Bowling World
Wednesday - Mid-Topic  Assessment / test
Thursday - Pearson 4-4
Friday - Pearson 4-5

November 29th - December 3rd

Monday - IXL Bb.20; Pearson Topic 3 Lesson 6 Practice and Quiz
Tuesday - End of Topic Review
Wednesday - Test - Topic 3
Thursday - Topic 4 Lesson 1
Friday - Topic 4 Lesson 2

November 22-23

Monday - IXL BB checkpoint
Tuesday - Thanksgiving Facing Math and Coordinate Plane Graphing
Wednesday - Friday - Thanksgiving Break

November 15th - 19th

Monday - Pearson Topic 3 Lesson 4 
Tuesday - Pearson Practice Topic 3-3 and 3-4 
Wednesday - Pearson Topic 3 Lesson 5 and IXL BB.13
Thursday - Pearson Review 
Friday - Topic 3 Lesson 6

November 8th - 12th

Monday - Topic 3-2 
Tuesday - Topic 3-3 Compare Linear and Nonlinear Functions
Wednesday - Mid Topic Review 
Thursday - No School - Veterans Day
Friday - Mid Topic Assessment

November 1st - 5th

Monday - Review Topic 2
Tuesday - Topic 2 review
Wednesday - Pearson Topic 2 Test
Thursday- Pearson Cumulative Benchmark for Topic 1 and 2
Friday-Pearson 3-1

October 25th - 29th

Monday - Fluency Builder IXL P section; Pearson 2.8 slope and y intercept
Tuesday - Fluency Builder IXL AA section; Pearson 2.9 
Wednesday - Pearson 2.8 Quiz, 2.9 practice and quiz
Thursday - Pearson Topic 2 review in workbook pages 152-156
Friday - Halloween party!!

October 18th - 22nd

Monday - Fluency Builder IXL J.1; Review Proportional relationships Assignment - IXL J.2 and J.3
Tuesday - Fluency Builder IXL J.4; Pearson 2.5 Math XL Practice and Problem Solving (5 Questions); introduce and connect Proportional relationships and slope examples and class work. 
Wednesday - Fluency Builder IXL J.5; Pearson 2.6 assignment with 6 questions and IXL AA.1  slope
Thursday -Fluency Builder IXL AA.2; Pearson 2.7 Analyze Linear Equations assignment 
Friday - Pearson Quizzes over 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7

October 11th - 15th **** Fall Break, No School!!!!

October 4th - 8th

Monday - Pearson Mid-Chapter Check-point review.  Complete all 6 questions on paper.  Then, complete IXL Y.8.
Tuesday - Pearson Mid-Chapter Test.  Then, complete IXL 6 
Wednesday - Pearson 2-5
Thursday - Pearson 2-5
Friday - Safety Day

September 27th- October 1st

Monday - Pearson 2-2 Additional Practice and IXL y.8
Tuesday - Pearson 2-3 Distributive Property IXL Y.14
Wednesday - Pearson 2-3 Assignment Additional Practice 
Thursday - Pearson 2-4 Equations with multiple and no solutions 
Friday - Pearson 2-4 Assignment

September 20th - 25th

Monday- Pearson 2-1 Combine Like Terms
Tuesday - Review 2-1 and complete Pearson Assignment 2-1 Math XL 
Wednesday -  Pearson Review IXL Y11
Thursday -  Pearson 2.2 
Friday - Pearson 2.2 and IXL Y.12

September 13th-17th

Monday - Pearson Topic 1-9 Math XL assignment and IXL E-2
Tuesday - Pearson Topic 1-10 Math XL assignment and IXL E-4, E-5, and E-6 (only answer 5 Questions in each section)
Wednesday - Pearson Topic 1 Review
Thursday - Pearson Review
Friday - Pearson Topic Test and IXL Checkpoint section E

September 7th - 10th

Monday - No School
Tuesday - 
IXL Section "C" We will work on completing section C during class time. This is not  homework.  
Wednesday - 
- Pearson Topic 1-6 Quiz 
-Pearson Topic 1-7 assignments
-Pearson Topic 1-8  Math XL Practice and Lesson Quiz (2) assignments 
Friday - 
- Pearson Topic 1-9 Math XL Practice and Lesson Quiz

August 30th - September 3rd

Monday -
-IXL Practice F6 and F7
-Pearson Mid-Topic Assessment 
*Extra Credit is IXL complete all F section
Tuesday - 
-We went over all Assessment questions in class and completed Pearson Check Point. 
-IXL C-1
Wednesday - 
-Pearson Topic 1-6 assignment (8 questions)
-IXL Section D 11 
Thursday -  No School 
- Pearson Topic 1-6 Quiz 
-Pearson Topic 1-7 assignments
- IXL Section D
Friday - No School
-Pearson Topic 1-8 assignments 

August 23rd - 27th

Monday - Aims Web testing - Work on Math IXL Section A - 3 and A - 4
instructions on how to get into Math IXL
-Log into Overton County Schools website
-scroll down to "More Apps" click on IXL
-click on "math" (under to green bar)
Tuesday -
1) Math IXL Integers B-1 and B-2 (plot on a number line)
2) Pearson Easy Bridge - Topic 1-3 Math XL Practice (10 questions) If you have trouble with this assignment watch the virtual nerd videos that you have access to in the lesson section.  
instructions on how to get into Pearson
-click on curriculum
-click Pearson Easy Bridge
-Sign In with your email and OC#
-click Savvas Realize (rectangle on the right side of page)
-Your class number should start with "08" and then have other numbers and letters. Then click on your assignments.  If you have any questions about getting into Pearson email me and I will help you.  
Wednesday - 
1) Pearson Easy Bridge - Topic 1-3 Lesson Quiz (5 questions)
2) Math IXL Diagnostic Test -  Click on the word Diagnostic in the green tool bar and complete the test.  Do not use a calculator unless it tells you too and do your best.  This is designed to form a path of instruction that will help you develop your math skills.  
Thursday - 
Pearson Easy Bridge - Topic 1-4 Math XL Practice
Friday - 
Pearson Easy Bridge - Topic 1-5 Math XL Practice

August 16th -20th

Monday - Mr.  Roger Smith will be in the classroom going over Irrational Numbers and square roots
Tuesday - Work book pages 18-20 
Wednesday - Review and Math games
Thursday -
-click on curriculum
-click Pearson Easy Bridge
-Sign In with your email and OC#
-click Savvas Realize rectangle (on the right side of page)
-Your class number should start with "08" and then have other numbers and letters. Then click on your assignments.  If you have any questions about getting into Pearson email me and I will help you.  
Friday - IXL Math  sections A1, A2, and A3
-Log into Overton County Schools website
-scroll down to "More Apps" click on IXL
-click on "math" (under to green bar)
-Click on section A-1 and complete the first 3 in Section "A"  to at least a 90.  
Email me if you have questions.  

August 9th - 13th

Monday - Review Positive and negative integers
Tuesday - Facing Math Review and do a writing project over topic 1
Wednesday - Topic 1 Lesson 1 Rational numbers as Decimals Standard: 8.NS.A.1
                        - Workbook whole group page 10-12 Students complete page 13 (only questions 7-12)
Thursday - Review Rational numbers and complete workbook on lesson 1.1
Friday - Topic 1-2 Understand Irrational Numbers  Standard: 8.NS.A.1
Microsoft Teams (access instructions)
To access Microsoft Teams for our digital video chats:
  1. Log into Clever by going to oc-sd.com, then "Online Curriculum", then selecting "Clever Portal".  
  2. Once logged in, scroll down until you see Office 365and click on it.  
  3. A new tab will open and you will need to click on Microsoft Teams.  
  4. You should have a team for each of your classes.  You will click on that team during your designated meeting time.  You will see a button that says "Join Meeting" at that time which will allow you to join the weekly video chat.  

8th Schedule:

Hammock"s Homeroom

  • 7:40 – 9:10 Math (Hammock)
  • 9:10 – 9:55 Encore
  • 9:55 – 11:25 Science and Social Studies (Preston)
  • 11:25  - 12:20 ELA (Tower)
  • 12:20 – 12:50 Lunch
  • 12:50– 1:25 ELA (Tower)
  • 1:25 – 1:45 Recess
  • 1:45 – 2:30 RTI
  • 2:30 - 2:40 Homeroom
Math Videos:
Model Fractions divided by whole numbers
using model to divide fractions
multiplying fractions
simplifying fractions
points, lines, planes
Angle Basics
Angles and Degrees