5th Grade Social Studies/ELA

Social Studies
Monday, Feb. 24: 14 Points ( check handout from Friday) .  Review information on WW1.  Share posters over helping in WW1.
Homework: No Homework
Tuesday, Feb. 25:  Women's suffrage-  Posters ( in class)
Homework: Exit Ticket for McCormick, Flowers, and Rooker's class.  Preston's class needs to do poster.
Wednesday, Feb. 26.   Review and Catch Up Day
Homework: No Homework
Thursday, Feb. 27:  Part 1- WW1 Test
Homework:  No Homework
Friday, Feb. 28:  Part 2 WW1 Test
Homework: No Homework
Monday, Feb. 24: Text structure test.  Silent Read
Homework: No Homework
Tuesday, Feb. 25: Author's Purpose.  As a class, we took notes.  We worked in pairs to answer questions over Author's Purpose.
Homework:  No homework
Wednesday, Feb. 26: 
Thursday, Feb. 27:
Friday, Feb. 28:
Homework: No Homework
Tuesday, March 3: No School (Election Day)