5th Grade ELA

Week of  August 9-13
Monday, August 9:  Writing Activity-Five Fabulous Facts about you.  Students will have time to finish in class on Tuesday. 
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, August 10:  Finish writing activity from Monday.  Students will share one fact with the class.  ELA Jeopardy.
Assignment: No Homework
Wednesday, August 11:  Main Idea ( whole-class discussion)  
Assignment: Benjamin Sees a Sloth (main idea)  Students had time to work on this in class with group/partner.  
Thursday, August 12: Received Chromebooks-  worked on getting usernames and passwords to students.  Made sure all computers were updated and working.
Assignment: No Homework
Friday, August 13:  Bookmarking sites that we will use in class.
Assignment:  Quill-pretest/ Due THURSDAY, August 19th.
Week of  August 16-20
Monday, August 16:  Writing Activity-What was your first week of school like?  Describe it.
Assignment:  Amplify-due Friday
Tuesday, August 17:  Writing Activity-  What is the one item you would like to have? Describe the item in detail and explain why you want the item.  Class-Amplify 2 words.  Start lesson 1 of CKLA- Personal Narrative.
Assignment: No Homework
Wednesday, August 18:  Writing Activity- If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? Write to describe your power and what happens when you use it.  Workbook pages 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4.  Worked on what a Personal Narrative is and the beginning stages of what goes in a paragraph.
Assignment: Quill due tomorrow.  Amplify-due Friday
Thursday, August 19: Writing Activity- Think of a time when someone did something special for you. Perhaps the person sent a card, helped with homework, or cooked a food you like. Write about this time and include details. Finished workbook page 1.3-writing our personal narrative.  
Assignment: Finish personal narrative.  Amplify -due tomorrow.
Friday, August 20:  Writing Activity- Imagine your friend has a car that talks and flies. The car can do other amazing things too. Your friend takes you for a ride. Write to tell what happened when your friend took you for a ride in the car.   Used the rest of class as a make-up workday.
Assignment:  No Homework
Week of August 23-27
Monday, August 23:  Aimsweb Testing
Assignment:  no homework
Tuesday, August 24: Reviewed Commonlit with each class.  Went over homework expectations.  Amplify with the class.
Assignment: Amplify -10 words due Friday.
Wednesday, August 25: Read a story from Commonlit "The Fish Named Dog."  Drew a part of the story.
Assignment: Drawing due Thursday.  (had a sub)
Thursday, August 26:  Discussed parts of a narrative,plot, and plot diagram.  (We will have a test next Friday over all of the different parts.  Test will include parts of a personal narrative.) Vocabulary for story.  Began story in Amplify "The Prince of Los Cocuyos-The First Real San Giving".  We read pages 2-5.  
Assignment: Test NEXT Friday.  Amplify due tomorrow.
Friday, August 27:   Review- the part of the story that was read in class yesterday.  Read pages 6-9.  Introduce directions about thinking as you read.  Workbook pages 13-17
Assignment:  No Homework
Week of August 30- Sept. 3
Monday, August 30:Writing activity: Imagine one day at school you were allowed to create a rule for students to follow. Explain the rule you create and why you choose to make that rule.  Be sure to include details.
Reviewed for test on Friday.  Class discussion on verbs- using stronger verbs.
Assignment: Workbook pages 19-20 (had classtime)  
Tuesday, August 31: Review verbs-checked wkbk pages 19-20.  Class discussion on adjectives.  In class, we did workbook pages 21-23.  Finished our Commonlit story from last week.  
Assignment: Test Friday.
Wednesday, Sept. 1: Review adjectives.  Review plot diagram using the story "A Fish Named Dog."  IXL 4th Grade Language Arts -QQ 1 and 2.  Students have until Friday to work on this to get a grade that they are happy with.  
Assignment: Test Friday
Thursday, Sept. 2:  No School
Friday, Sept 3:   No School
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Sept. 6:
Tuesday, Sept. 7: Writing activity:  If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere, where would you on go?  Why? 
Class discussion-Personification.  Workbook pages 25-27 ( in class)  Page 31-homework.  Read pages 10-13  "Real San Givin."  
Assignment:Amplify-20 words (Due Sept. 28)  TEST this FRIDAY    IXL 4th Grade Language Arts -QQ 1 and 2 (Due Thursday-this was assigned last Wednesday)
Wednesday, Sept. 8:  Review Personification.  Introduced new topic-"Showing not Telling."  Group participation in acting out sentences on showing not telling.  Workbook page 33.
Assignment: Test Friday/ Work book pge 33/  IXL 4th Grade Language Arts -QQ 1 and 2 (Due Thursday-this was assigned last Wednesday)
Thursday, Sept. 9:  Review for Test(Friday)  Page 35 in workbook-Showing not Telling.  Dialogue-Quotations Page 39/41/
Assignment:  TEST Friday
Friday, Sept 10:   TEST
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Sept. 13:  SOY Testing.  Correct test from Friday- extra points (due Thursday)  
Assignment: Corrected test due Thursday-this is optional
Tuesday, Sept. 14: Workbook pages 43-44 in class.  We read pages 12-16 of the story "The Real San Giving."   Also completed workbook pages 47-50.
Assignment:  Workbook pages 47-48 and page 50 (do NOT write the narrative)  Only do the graphic organizer.
Wednesday, Sept. 15:  Check workbook pages.  Write your personal narrative with dialogue.  
Thursday, Sept. 16:  I had a sub in the classroom today.  IXL 4th Grade -Language Arts:  QQ 3 (identify adjectives)  QQ4 (order adjectives) and XX6 - (Dialogue )
Assignment:  All IXL is due MONDAY.  Try to get 75 or higher.
Friday, Sept 17:     Finish the story "The Real San Giving."  Read pages 16-19.  Class discussion on Theme. Class/group- found theme of the story we read.    Introduced new story for Monday.  Workbook page 63-Free write on your name.   Page 65-Extra credit.  Gave 15-20 minutes to work on IXL
Assignment:  IXL due Monday.  Page 65- extra credit (students can choose to do this or not do this assignment.)
Monday, Sept. 20:  Start story "Hello, My Name is" pgs.20-24.  Workbook pages 67-69.  Read more in the story pages 24-26 (stop where it says "joy to the world" .  Class discussion on the pictures in the story and how they enhance it.  Introduce " My Name" activity.
Assignment: My name activity-due Thursday/  Quiz on story-Wednesday
Tuesday, Sept. 21:  Finish the story from Monday.  Class discussion-Point of View.  Workbook pages 81-84-check pages.  Workbook ages 85-89 
Wednesday, Sept. 22:  Review story.  Review point of view-sharetime.  IXL-4th Grade G.2 (DUE FRIDAY)
Assignment: G.2 (Due Friday-4th Grade)
Thursday, Sept. 23: Lesson 8 :  Read pages 28-29 in Amplify of our book-  Introduction to Rosa Parks: My Story and Step by Step. (class discussion)  Read pages 32-33: Rosa Parks: My Story ( stop at the end of the third paragraph on page 33)  Workbook pages 93-96.  (93-94 is the passage you are suppose to use for 95-96.)
Assignment: IXL from Thursday is due on Friday.
Friday, Sept 24:    In class- work on writing a persuasive narrative over one of the prompts on page 97.  We filled out our own graphic organizer and worked on writing our paragraph.
Assignment:  Amplify due Tuesday.
Monday, Sept. 27: Workbook pages 101-102 (class discussion on Tone)  Group writing-Tone.  Read stories: page 36-"My Story" and page 46-"Step by Step"  Discuss the tone between the two stories.  Workbook pages 107-109.  Students had time to work on these in class.
Assignment: Pages 107-109.  Amplify due tomorrow.
Tuesday, Sept. 28:  4-H
Wednesday, Sept. 29:  Class discussion on sequencing/telling a story in order using transition words.  Multiple group activities.  Homework-Handout
Assignment: Homework-handout.  Follow the directions on the handout. Follow the rules for writing a paragraph.  
Thursday, Sept. 30: Similes and Metaphors-class discussion and activities.  Workbook pages 119-121.  Create your own Simile Creature.
Assignment: Create your own Simile Creature
Friday, Oct.1:   Making an inference-workbook pages 123-124 (class discussion)  Page 127-  pair work.
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Oct. 4:  Class discussion-sensory details.  Activity-pages 137-138 in workbook.  Personal Narrative-pg 139.  Students had time in class to work on this narrative.
Assignment: Worst meal you ever experienced- pg.139
Tuesday, Oct. 5: Share personal narrative from Monday.     Test  -Rosa Parks My Story and Step by Step by Bertie Bowman
Wednesday, Oct. 6:  Make-Up Work/ Work on Speech topics/IXL q.1 and f. 1 ( 4th grade)
Thursday, Oct. 7:  Make-up day.  Grades are due!
Assignment: no homework
Friday, Oct.8:   Safety Day
Assignment:  No Homework
Second 9 Weeks: Oct. 18-22
Monday, Oct. 18:  Work on writing 4-H speech.
Assignment: Speeches are Oct. 28
Tuesday, Oct. 19:  finish 4-H speech.
Assignment:  Final 4-H speech copy is due Oct. 27.
Wednesday, Oct. 20: Unit 1 review-Show Not Tell Project.  Class discussion on showing not telling/strengthening writing.  Introduce to project.  Directions are on TEAMS. Classes will work on the project with class time remaining today and all of tomorrow.  
Assignment: Show Not Tell Project-Monday, Oct. 25.
Thursday, Oct. 21:  Work on show not tell project.  Go over any questions the students have.  
Assignment: Project-Monday, Oct. 25.
Friday, Oct.22:   Class Trip
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Oct. 25 :  Introduced new unit-Early American Civilization/  Started lesson 1 of unit 2.  Students did group work and participated in-class discussions.  Workbook page 1.1-page 1
Assignment: Show not tell project-due tomorrow/  Written copy of 4-H Speech-Wednesday/  4-H speech-Thursday
Tuesday, Oct. 26:  Read "Rise of Early American Civilizations" pages 2-5 in reader/amplify.  Class discussion over the pages.  Answered questions in pairs/groups.
Assignment:  4-H Speech/written copy due.
Wednesday, Oct. 27: Finish story from Tuesday.  Pages 6-7 in readers.  Questions-groups/pairs. Page 5-6 in the workbook.    Take home pages 7-9 in workbook-read to an adult.  Have the adult sign that you read to them.  Answer the questions on the page.
Assignment: Due Thursday.
Thursday, Oct. 28: 4-H Speech
Friday, Oct.29:  Halloween parties/costume contest/other activities
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Nov.1 :  Chapter 2 in unit 2 of reader " Golden Age of the Maya".  Read pages 8-12 in class.  Answered questions in groups and pairs. 
Assignment: No homework.
Tuesday, Nov. 2: Finish chapter 2 of reader pages 12-14.  Answer questions in groups/pairs.  Work on assignment.
Assignment:  Assignment-directions on Teams.
Wednesday, Nov. 3:  Went over subject/predicate and linking/action verbs.
Assignment: Assignment- on Teams from Tuesday.
Thursday, Nov.4: Reviewed subject/predicate and linking/action verbs.  Class discussion on fragment/run-on sentences.  Worked in pairs to review sentences on these subjects.
Assignment: No homework
Friday, Nov. 5: 
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Nov.8 :   Begin the writing process of an informative essay.  Read the article " Tennessee Becomes a State."  
Assignment:  IXL-3rd grade OO.6 and OO.7  (run-on, fragment, and complete sentence) DUE FRIDAY
Tuesday, Nov. 9: Review article, outline the article for writing the essay.  
Wednesday, Nov. 10:  Write the introductory paragraph and paragraph 2 (point 1) together.
Thursday, Nov.11: No School
Assignment: No homework
Friday, Nov. 12:  CommonLit-"Grandpa's Magic Hat"/  Kahoot over Run-on/Complete Sentences/Fragment
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Nov.15:   Review the first two paragraphs of informational writing.  Write paragraph 3 in pairs/write paragraph 4- individual.  Review conclusion/write- individual.  
Assignment:  IXL 4th grade-H.3- Inference from Text:  Due FRIDAY / Score-80
Tuesday, Nov. 16:  Finish the conclusion-individually.  Shared our final paragraph with the class.  Worked on vocabulary for new story.
Assignment:  Flower's homeroom- Write the 4th paragraph from Monday.  This is covering 3rd idea on the graphic organizer on informational writing.
Wednesday, Nov. 17:   Read chapter 3 of unit 2 -"Hidden Secrets in the Rainforest".  We will answer questions that goes along with the story-help determine the central idea/details to support it.  
Assignment:  IXL from Monday-Due Friday.
Thursday, Nov.18: Commonlit-"Draw Anything": worked in pairs.  Should have had time to finish this in class.  Worksheet on sentence,fragments and run-ons.  This was individual work, students had time to work on this in class.  IXL from Monday due tomorrow.
Assignment:  Worksheet from today.  IXL from Monday.
Friday, Nov. 19: Reviewed the commonlit from Thursday.  Also reviewed the answers from the worksheet from Thursday.  
Assignment:  No Homework

Monday, Nov.22:   Work on prefixes-ir,il, and inter.  Group/class activities.  Assignment-had some class time to work on it.  Write sentences using a word with a prefix/draw picture.
Assignment:  Directions-on TEAMS 
Tuesday, Nov. 23: Check homework/Thanksgiving activities
Wednesday, Nov. 24:   No School
Assignment:  No Homework
Thursday, Nov.15: No School
Assignment:  No Homework
Friday, Nov. 26: No School
Assignment:  No Homework
Monday, Nov.29:   Reviewed the Maya civilization from our previous lessons. Discussed vocabulary for new lesson.  Start on chapter 5 in reader "Aztec City on Water's Edge".  Class questions and workbook pages 65-66.
Assignment:  Ixl 3rd F.1 and K.2- 80=100.  Commonlit-story on the Whitehouse.  All due FRIDAY!
Tuesday, Nov. 30:  Read chapter 5-  Find the main idea of each page/back it up with key details.  Classes worked groups/pairs.  Reread the chapter for a quiz tomorrow.
Assignment: Monday's assignment due Friday.
Wednesday, Dec.1:  Quiz over chapter-can use text to help. Compare and contrast the Maya and Aztec.
Assignment: Workbook page 89-90if you do not know what a word means, look it up on Google)  Amplify-DEC. 13th.
Thursday, Dec. 2: Work on assignments that are due tomorrow./  Check workbook page 89-90.
Assignment:  See assignment from Monday.  Students have had class time to work on assignments from Monday.
Friday, Dec. 3: Read chapter 6 in reader in Unit 2.  Compare and Contrast the Maya and Aztec-students worked on list yesterday, will add to it today.  
Assignment:  No Homework
Mondy, Dec. 6:   Read chapter 7 in unit 2 reader.  This in an introduction to the Inca Civilization.  Write one fact that you found interesting or one fact that was the most important on each page in the chapter.
Assignment:  Common Lit- The Family's Table: Due Friday/  IXL 4th Grade-Due Friday.
Tuesday, Dec. 7: Read chapter 8 in unit 2 reader-"All Roads Lead to Cuzco".  Write one fact that you found interesting or one fact that was the most important on each page in the chapter.
Assignment:  See Monday's assignments.
Wednesday, Dec.8:  Middle of the Year assessment.
Thursday, Dec. 9:   Redo Commonlit from Monday-let students work in pairs. Journal writing-  If you could pick one early American civilization to be a part of, what would you pick?  Why?  Back it up with at least 3 reasons.  Use evidence from the text.
Friday, Dec. 10:  Compare and Contrast -writing/ Aztecs/Mayas
Assignment:  No Homework
Mondy, Dec. 13: Write an essay on comparing and contrasting the Maya.
Tuesday, Dec. 14:  Finish essay.
Assignment:  See 
Wednesday, Dec.15. Christmas Cards for Nursing home.
Thursday, Dec. 16:  Christmas Party
Friday, Dec. 10: Christmas Break Begins-Abbr. Day
Assignment:  No Homework
Mondy, Jan. 3: No School
Tuesday, Jan. 4:  Snow Day
Wednesday, Jan.5:  Journal writing- How was your winter break?  Review figurative language, adjectives, and sensory details.  Writing- These are a Few of My Favorite Things.
Assignment: These are a Few of My Favorite Things-due Friday.
Thursday, Jan.6:   Snow Day
Friday, Jan. 7: Snow Day
Assignment:  No Homework
Mondy, Jan. 10:  Journal-  What did you do on your snow days?  Sharetime assignment from last Wednesday.  Kahoot to review Run-on/fragments/complete sentences.
Assignment: Amplify due-Jan. 27th
Tuesday, Jan. 11:  Figurative Language
Wednesday, Jan.12: Aimsweb Testing
Thursday, Jan.13:  Lesson 1-Unit 3  Introduction to poetry
Assignment: No homework
Friday, Jan. 14:  Lesson 2- Unit 3-Tone
Assignment:  No Homework
Mondy, Jan. 24:  Unit 3 Lesson 3- Anaphora poetry.    Also went over directions for booklet.
Assignment: Figurative language booklet- FEB. 4
Tuesday, Jan. 25:  Unit 3 Lesson 4 - identify and make inferences about poems.  Read poem on page 41- answer questions on pages 41-43 (do not do number 4).    Read poem on pages 44-46.  Answer questions 48-49:  1-6.
Assignment:  Figurative language booklet- Feb. 4.  Amplify-Jan. 27
Wednesday, Jan.26  Unit 3-Lesson 5- rhyme scheme .  Read poem- page 57.  Answer questions on pages. 58-59
Assignment:  Finish writing poem with the ABAB rhyme scheme.
Thursday, Jan.27:  Unit 3- Lesson 6.  Read poem -page 67.  Answer questions 68-69. /Share time from Wednesday.  Work on make-up work.
Assignment: No homework
Friday, Jan. 28:  Unit- 3- Lesson 7  Read poem-page 77.  Answer questions on pages 78-80:   all 10 questions.  
Week of  Jan.31-Feb. 4
Monday, Jan.31:  Start opinion writing-  / What goes into an opinion writing/  Outline opinion -Write about your favorite holiday.  
Assignment:  Commonlit-"Stray" (due Friday)  IXL-Idioms FF.1 (4th grade) score-80 (due Friday)
Tuesday, Feb. 1:  Opinion writing- Read articles/highlight/form outline for writing prompt.
Assignment: See Monday
Wednesday, Feb.2 :  Finish Outline.  Start writing the opinion essay.  Wrote introduction in all classes.  Wrote 1st body paragraph in McCormick's and Rooker's classes.
Assignment:  See Monday
Thursday, Feb. 3: Finish the opinion essay.   We finished writing the body paragraphs and conclusion.
Assignment: See Monday /  Body paragraphs must be finished by tomorrow.  Will write conclusion in class, if needed.
Friday, Feb.4 : Share essays-edit essays/proofread essays/ Go over commonlit-"Stray".  Sharetime-Figurative Language Booklets
Assignment:  no homework
Week of  Feb. 7- 11
Monday, Feb. 7:  Finished opinion paper  Shared Figurative Language Booklet.  Checked Commonlit from last week.  
Assignment:  Commonlit-" Luckiest Time of All"- Friday    IXL-4th Grade I.1 - 80
Tuesday, Feb. 8:  Unit 4-Lesson 1-  introduce Middle Ages.  Read 1.1 in workbook.  Pair -Questions.  Coloring sheet- questions.
Assignment: See Monday/Coloring Sheet and questions.  Questions are in TEAMS.
Wednesday, Feb.9:   Read chapter 1 in the reader " The Adventures of Don Quixote" / Answer questions about the chapter.
Assignment:  See Monday
Thursday, Feb. 10: Chapters 2 and 3 in the reader.  Questions in class.  Optional workbook pages 21-26.
Assignment:  See Monday
Friday, Feb.11 :  Handout.
Assignment:  no homework

Week of  Feb. 14- 18
Monday, Feb. 14:  Read 3.1 pages 31-38 in workbook.  Compared and contrasted this version of the story compared to the version in our Reader.  Workbook page 24 (front only)- suffix ness.    Workbook pages 28-29 : Fact and Opinion.
Assignment:  No homework/  Figurative Language Test
Tuesday, Feb. 15:  Figurative Language Test/
Assignment:  No Homework
Wednesday, Feb.16:  Lesson 4- Read Chapter 4 and 5- questions / Workbook pages 47 (4.5)  Also add to our character trait chart.
Assignment:  no homework
Thursday, Feb. 17:  4-H
Friday, Feb.18 :  Read Chapters 6-8.  Handout over chapters
Assignment:  no homework
Week of Feb. 21-25
Monday, Feb. 21:  President's Day-No School
Tuesday, Feb. 22:   Reread Chapters 6-8(read for character traits)  Workbook pages 83-84.  Introduce the root word VAC.  Spelling words- Directions on TEAMS
Assignment:  Spelling words -Due Friday
Wednesday, Feb.22:  Read chapters 9-10-write summaries on chapters.  workbook page 67-68(suffix-ness) Page 91 in workbook (root word VAC).  Should have time to finish everything in class.
Assignment:  Workbook pages due monday
Thursday, Feb. 24:  Handout-Due tomorrow / Workbook page 95- due Monday (should have time in class to finish)
Assignment:  Spelling word assignment-due Friday.
Friday, Feb.25 :  Handout-Due Monday (should have time in class to finish)
Assignment:  no homework
Week of Feb. 28-March 4
Monday, Feb. 28:   Check workbook pages from last week.  Check handouts from Thursday and Friday.  Gave classtime for makeup work.
Assignment:  Spelling Test- WEDNESDAY
Tuesday, March 1:  Review Chapters 1-10.  Read chapters 11 and 12.  Complete workbook pages 131-134(9.2)  These will be completed as we read the chapters.  Then complete workbook page 141 (root word vac)  Extra Credit- Pages 135-137 in workbook.  
Assignment:  Page 141 in workbook.  Spelling Test on Wednesday
Wednesday, March 2:  Spelling Test/  Read chapters 13 and 14. Write a summary on the chapters.
Thursday, March 3:   Review chapters 13 and 14.  Read chapters 15-17/class discussion.  Workbook page 11.4(161) as a class.  Introduce new spelling words for next week.  Workbook pages 165-166.  Test on Tuesday.
Assignment:  Spelling Test-Tuesday/  Overall test on novel-Thursday. 
Friday, March 4 :  Reviewed chapters 15-17/  Read chapters 18-20/ Wrote an epitaph on Don Quixote.  When over workbook pages 165-166
Assignment:  spelling Test Tuesday.
4th 9 Weeks
Week of March 21-25
Monday, March 21:   Schoolnet Testing
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, March 22:  Schoolnet Testing-math/  TCAP REVIEW
Wednesday, March 23: TCAP REVIEW-Writing
Assignment:  No Homework
Thursday, March 24: TCAP REVIEW- Mini lesson on prepsitions.  IXL- 8ZS(code) get to a 90
Assignment:  see above.
Friday, March 25:  TCAP REVIEW/  Mini lesson prepositional phrases and picking out the object in the phrase. Time to work on IXL in class. Y6S- Prepositional Phrases.  90 in 30 questions or less.
Assignment:  No Homework

Week of March 28- April 1
Monday, March 28:   TCAP REVIEW       Kahoot-prepositions and prepositional phrases.
Assignment:  Quiz tomorrow- prepositions and prepositional phrases/  IXL-Friday y6s (get to a 90 in 30 questions or less)
Tuesday, March 29:  TCAP Review      Quiz on prepositions and prepositional prhases.
Assignment:  No homework
Wednesday, March 30: TCAP REVIEW    Mini Lesson- Text Structure/ Quizizz
Thursday, March 31: TCAP REVIEW     Text Structure review
Friday, April 1:  TCAP REVIEW     Text Structure- Quiz
Assignment:  No Homework

Week of April 4- April 8
Monday, April 4   Writing Rubric/  Verb Tenses.  
Assignment:  IXL- J9E   and ZTD  - get to a 90 on both in 30 questions or less. 
Tuesday, April 5:  Verb Tenses and Close reading handout.  
Assignment: IXL-WDH get to a 90 in 40-45 questions.  I do realize this one a difficult because of spelling, do the best you can!
Wednesday, April 6:  Check handout/ review verb tenses/ handout on verb tenses
Assignment:  handout -due Friday (had time to work on it in class)
Thursday, April 7: Writing
Assignment: handout from Wednesday
Friday, April 8:  Check handout from Wednesday.  Escape game-main ideas and details
Assignment:  no homework
Monday, April 11:   Commas-introductory phrases and interjections
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, April 12: Correlative Conjunctions- task cards.
Assignment: No homework
Wednesday, April 13:  Quizizz-punctuation/  Handout -Literature and informational 
Thursday, April 14: Check handout from Wednesday.
Friday, April 15:  No School
Monday, April 18:   TCAP-ELA
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, April 19: TCAP-ELA
Assignment: No homework
Wednesday, April 20:  TCAP-ELA
Thursday, April 21: ELA Activities
Friday, April 22: Handout-Due Wednesday/Thursday
Monday, April 25:   TCAP
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, April 26: TCAP-
Assignment: No homework
Wednesday, April 27:  TCAP-
Thursday, April 28: Check handout from last week.  Start Litter Awareness research for commerical.
Friday, April 29:  ELA FUN Activities
Monday, May 2: Handout-due Wednesday
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, May 3: No School
Assignment: No homework
Wednesday, May 4: AIMSWEB Testing
Thursday, May 5: Check handout from Monday.  Work on Litter Awareness Essay/commercial
Friday, May 6:  Finish Commercial/ Start Unit 5 CKLA
Monday, May 9: Handout-Due Tuesday ( had a sub)
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, May 10: Go over handout.  Poetry-CKLA
Assignment: No homework
Wednesday, May 11: Finish Poem-CKLA
Thursday, May 12: CKLA-Unit 5 Lesson 1
Friday, May 13:  Outside day
Monday, May 16: unit 5-lesson 2                Track and Field
Assignment:  No Homework
Tuesday, May 17:  Unit 5-Lesson 3/ 5th Grade reward day-walk to Dairy Queen 
Assignment: No homework
Wednesday, May 18: 
Thursday, May 19: Standing Stone-Trip
Friday, May 20: