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About Us

In the early 1900s, elementary grade classes in Livingston were held in a four-room building at Livingston Academy.  These classes were under the guidance of the Christian Women's Board of Missions.  In 1924 a new grammar school building was erected on the north side of University Street and Roberts Street.  At that time the school was still under the supervision of the Livingston Academy principal, but after several years its management was turned over to the board of education of the town of Livingston.  Overton County obtained the title to the grammar school in 1925 through exchange of property.  In 1947 the school was renovated at a cost of $80,000.  In 1951 Overton County purchased Livingston Elementary School from the town of Livingston for $30,000.  A new school was built on the present property in 1966.  When county consolidation of schools took place in 1988, Livingston Elementary became Livingston Middle School serving students in grades five through eight.  The building was renovated again in 2001.  Those serving as principal from 1935 to present are Forest Stockton, Lee Wiggins, William E. Smith, Evie Tucker, Clyde McDonald, Ewing S. Weakley, J. A. Thrasher, Thomas H. Parrigin, Michael Garrett, Melinda Beaty, Randall Dial, Rick Moles, and Doug Smith.

Mission Statement

The mission of LMS is to provide positive, appropriate learning opportunities for each student regardless of social, cultural, economic or intellectual status.  These opportunities will foster the development of basic values, good citizenship, and a strong sense of self-worth to enable students to be productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.  LMS seeks to enhance learning by providing a competent and caring staff that strives to teach by example; a creative, comprehensive, and effective curriculum; and a safe, orderly, stimulating, and caring environment.

Recent News

Fall Fundraiser Starts Today!

Your LIVINGSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL FUNDRAISER STARTS TODAY! What a difference a year makes! Obviously, things are a little different this school year. We REALLY appreciate your support as we have transitioned into our “new normal” . . . at least for this fall. Despite the craziness that we are all experiencing, we still need your support this fall for our upcoming fundraiser that begins today, Monday, October 26th. As a matter of fact, we need your support more than ever before because these fundraisers help offset so many expenses our school incurs such as technology equipment, paper, teaching materials, books, etc. We even have MORE expenses to deal with this year! We truly appreciate the support of the Board of Education and the State of Tennessee, but the funds that are provided by them only helps cover staff salaries, pay the electric and phone costs, purchase textbooks, etc. Honestly . . . JUST THE BASICS. So, can you PLEASE purchase or sell at least 6 items? If EVERYONE would try to just hit a “6 item goal,” we could take care of so many of our fundraising needs! You can even make a donation instead of selling if you wish. For those of you who want to sell ONLINE this year, the instructions for that way of selling is on the FRONT of the packet that will be coming home. NOTE: If ALL of you could at least register to sell online and SHARE it on FACEBOOK, that would be so helpful! It is super easy to do and won’t take you 5 minutes. The POWER of social media could really help us have a great sale! We need you! We are going to be giving away FANTASTIC PRIZES this year! The more you sell, the more prizes you will receive! We will be giving away cash as well! Our goal is 100% participation. It is critical that we all try to do something so it is a team effort and not relying on a small percent of the students supporting the entire school. It truly is a TEAM effort. Thank you for your support and for investing in our students. Thank you! Mr. Smith

Basketball Season Changes for 2020-2021

With basketball season upon us, I wanted to share our plans and hopefully answer questions that have been asked about the changes for the 20-21 basketball season.  With this pandemic, several safety measures have been put into place at all of our Overton County schools......